The Strategic Planning Process
1. Planning the process
2. Data collection and consultation
3. generating options and making decisions
4. Finalising the plan
5. Taking action

From making a shared vision a shared reality:
The strategic planning process
Jan Hill et al.

Take a look at this planning example from CEO Canberra Goulburn website

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ICTPD Online Support
**ICT Integration Handbook**

Great Overview Resource From Suzie Vesper

Resources To Assist
external image msword.png FrameworkforDevelopingaStrategicPlanforLearningThroughICT.doc

Examples of stategic planning

Forest Hill Strategic planning document (based on Becta template)
FHS Learning Through ICT Strategic Plan.pdf

Muritai School
external image pdf.png Muritai+eLearning.pdf

Springston School

Sample of ICT Strategic Planning from Pine Hill School

Examples of Suzie Vesper's Strategic Planning with Petone Foreshore Cluster

Putauaki Annual plan
Putauaki's 2009 Plan

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Links to BECTA Strategic Planning resources
Frame work for developing strategic plan for learning through ICT. This example has been created by Pam Hook and Julie Mills (originally shared in ICT PD Online) based on the UK Becta material

UK Becta ICT Planning guides for schools

Blank Strategic Planning Templates

Future Movement Strategic Plan template

ICT Strategic Plan Blank

Becta Framework template (adapted from Pam Hook and Julie Mills).

Link to Video on Google Docs click here